Membership and Fees

Our Club’s ongoing success relies on your active support.

When you become a Veneto Club member, you benefit from access to all the facilities and amenities we have on offer – helping our local community stay active, healthy and happy.

At the Veneto Club, we value your membership and we strive to provide the best value and membership experience for you – with entertainment, activities and community support.

Membership Categories, and yearly fees.

Foundation Members   $20.00
Ordinary Members on pension   $30.00
Ordinary Members   $40.00


New Membership Fees

Wife, husband, sons, daughters, and grandchildren of current and past Members   $40.00 yearly

New Members

$140 joining fee
plus $40 yearly thereafter membership fee

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 At the Veneto Club we celebrate the traditions of the Veneto Region and act on them for the benefit of our Members and the wider Community.

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