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In our New Home at the Woodville West Torrens Football Club we are able to continue to be an important part of the South Australia Community, whilst proudly maintaining links to our Northern Italian traditions The Veneto Club Adelaide is a proud member of the local Community- sharing a rich Italian heritage for new generations of Italians and Australians to enjoy.

The History of the Veneto Club in Adelaide

In leaving their homeland, the Veneti migrants left part of themselves behind. But there was a large void, one that they needed to fill. What could they do to fill the void?

They had an idea!
Quite a simple clubhouse, where friends could meet have a chat, a game of bocce, a glass of wine and some regional food.

The origins of the Veneto Club stretch back to the early 1970’s from very informal gatherings of some Adelaide based “Veneti” who would meet , often at the “ Fogolar Furlan”, to enjoy a glass or two of wine over a social chat.

Rinaldo Stecca, Tony Coppe, Sante Piovesan, Peter Mattiazzo, Gino Piovesan, Angelo Andreatto, Bruno Brazzale, Johnny Lucchin and Leonardo Bortoletto were all Veneti who understood the value of creating a place where they could speak their own language and maintain their family values and important Veneto traditions.

It did not take long for the news to spread, leading to the formation of a working group whose initial task was to seek out a suitable site and more importantly undertake fund raising activities to not only secure the appropriate land but also to finance the construction of modest clubrooms.

Matters moved quickly. A groundswell of support for the project followed and by July 1971 well over 100 Veneti had pledged their support.

Suitable  (after a fashion…it had been a previous clay extraction pit) land was located and with the guarantee support given by Arturo Pagliaro, Frank Battistello, Gino Torresan, and Leo Conci, the site was purchased.

First Official Meeting

The very first official meeting  of  members was held at the Oberdan Hall Findon, in October 1972, where 298 of a possible 300 members were present and on that day elected the First Committee with A.Pagliaro as first President, F. Battistello and G.Torresan, Vice Presidents, F.Farina - Secretary, R.Stecca - Treasurer, and M.Borghetto, A.Bendo, C.Boin, G.Busato, L.Conci, and  G.Innocenti were appointed Councillors.

Thereafter followed a period of intense activity where in 84 Sundays what had been a lunar landscape was, with the tireless work of so many willing members, transformed into the Veneto Club Incorporated of Adelaide.

The Dream became a Reality!
The Club  and with many local and overseas dignitaries present, was officially opened on26th May 1974.
“The Dream had become a reality”. The hard work, dedication and commitment of the Veneti of Adelaide had proved itself as a force to be reckoned with.

Looking to the Future!

For well over 25 years The Club flourished, providing the home for many sporting activities, social gatherings and cultural activities.
But storm clouds were gathering as newer and more modern venues were opened and began eroding at the traditional income revenues that The Club had relied on.

The site had its challenges and the buildings, despite a previous upgrade, were in need of major works. Keeping and maintaining such a large site with ever escalating holding costs adversely affected trading and losses continued to escalate.

Even with the very generous bequests received from Mr. Aldo Brisco,  it was very clear by 2012 that some very serious decisions regarding the continuing future of The Club had to be made. At a Special General Meeting of Members held  in 2012, the painful decision to  sell the Toogood Avenue property was made.

After two unsuccessful attempts the property was sold in November 2014 and by which time Membership had fallen to 195.

Temporary arrangements were made with Festival Function Centre, Findon, to provide a venue where our Members could continue to meet and where social functions could continue to be held. An Investment Sub Committee whose task was to locate a suitable investment property capable of providing sufficient cash flow to continue on with Members’ activities, was formed.

Such a property was located at 722 Port Road Beverley and following Members' approval was purchased. The previous owners (The Woodville West Torrens Football Club) remained on as long term tenants and it was during these discussions that a proposal to use the Football Club’s home ground facilities located at nearby Oval Avenue Woodville South was raised.

After much deliberation and discussion, arrangements were agreed to whereby The Football Club would open their Clubrooms to our Members on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, and on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for Billiards. Sufficient area suitable for an office, store room and an area displaying some of The Veneto Club memorabilia and Member Honour Boards was secured.

Today this has become the New Home of The Veneto Club.

Our Membership has grown to 305 and with the sound financial cornerstones now in place many functions and social activities are being enjoyed and well attended by Members.

The continued future of our Club relies heavily on engaging our younger Members and in recognition of this very important facet a Next Generation Subcommittee has been formed and is currently organising Social Events aimed at increasing the participation of our Younger People

The Veneto Club is pleased to be a sponsor for the Veneto Market Gardeners website

The Veneto market gardeners website (click here) is an archive of oral history recordings, transcripts of interviews, family photos and other documents that tell the story of 19 veneti who arrived in Adelaide in the late 1920s. Within ten years 16 of the pioneers had become market gardeners in the western suburbs, now Kidman Park and Flinders Park. They continued working the market gardens until the early 1980s. Most pioneer market gardeners and their children were foundation members of the Veneto Club Inc. Adelaide.

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 At the Veneto Club we celebrate the traditions of the Veneto Region and act on them for the benefit of our Members and the wider Community.

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